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"... the best mix of cartoon playfulness and hot, messy sex I've ever seen!"

~Lucid Skin Erotic Fantasy Art Reviews

"...I found myself laughing and feeling excited while reading through these bawdy and often downright silly sci-fi fantasies, and I highly recommend it. A LOT of fun!"

~Vamp, Jane's Good Sex Guide
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...to Jaxtraw Studios and my long-running sci-fi sex comic Lucy Lastique! In monthly episodes, it chronicles the arousing adventures of Lucy and her pals as they explore their surreal sexy universe, featuring lashings of uncensored, hardcore sex, real sci-fi stories with real plots and characterisation and an uplifting, sex-positive tone! What more can a comics fan ask for?!

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This month's episode


Total Reboot: Part 6

Lucy and crew prepare for their mysterious mission to study the intruder in deep space... and David gets a sexy encounter with no less than nine Lucys!

This month's thrilling episode brings the total up to a stonking 846 pages... ALL available for INSTANT download when you join!

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Jaxtraw Studios is my main website, me being the artist who's been known for some time now as Jaxtraw on the Internet™. Lucy's the star of this site and my main body of work- she's been in production since 2001- and I hope you'll let her draw you into her unique universe!

This website is one of a very tiny handful of sites which are truly independent, run by the creator- there's no svengali-like webmaster behind the scenes, no big company with dozens of sites of dubious quality. I do everything here from the art to the HTML, and as such offer a personal touch very different to big, faceless sites. I don't offer 100,000 low quality hentai pics or second rate pr0n feeds; what I do offer is my own artwork, produced to the very highest standards I can achieve.

Joining this site means you're supporting independent adult art on the internet at its source. That can't be bad, can it? :o)


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