Meet the crew of the starship Grafenberg- Lucy, Pfuff and Sephone, our three libidinous lasses from the libertine planet Fornix 8, and Lucy's loyal boon companion Todger of Priapus! They travel the spaceways discovering adventure, strange alien worlds and races, and their unfolding, mysterious destiny. And having sex, also.


Smart, sassy, resourceful, busty... what more does a girl need? How about consummate erototelepathic powers and a place in destiny that affects entire worlds?! Why is she at the centre of a galactic struggle between the nigh omnipotent Priapan hive queens? Subscribe and find out!


Lucy's twin sister, forced apart from Lucy to join the malevolent Daughters Of Veneris as a teenager, who after her escape morphed to become the first reincarnation of the ancient Priapan priestess caste of hermaphrodite dickgirls- sexual healers with the versatility for every occasion! She's also pretty handy with a soldering iron.


After 3000 years of unimaginable boredom in a subterranean cave with the dwindling remnant of his Phalloid race and their increasingly vague hive queen, Lucy's chance arrival gave him the chance to stow away on the Grafenberg and join her life of interplanetary adventure! Wise and dependable, if occasionally a tidge excitable, Todger's voice of reason is all too oft ignored...


A semi-feline crossbreed with the alien Furree race, Sephone was Pfuff's novitiate in the Venerite order. Now free of unwittingly serving the machinations of the ancient, insane hive queen Veneris, she's like any other spunky, sparky lass who lives a life of non-stop space adventure! The weakest erototelepath of the three gals, she compensates by being the most abductable.


Every page of Lucy Lastique is lavishly illustrated in full colour, and shaped to fit your monitor perfectly! Over time, the series has evolved from a pure "cartoon" style to the current look which owes more to realism. Here's some pages from recent episodes (actual pages do not have "" stamped on them!)

ALL pages are available in 2 sizes: 1200x900 and 800x600!

ZIP/CDisplay files

All comics can be downloaded as convenient zip files- which are compatible with popular comic reader software (CDisplay, Comical, Simple Comic etc) for your reading convenience and enjoyment- the zip files of the lower res pages are ideal for lower bandwidth connections!


A unique combination of hardcore sex and science fiction.

As one reader recently remarked- "I've long been an appreciator of adult themed entertainment, but [Lucy Lastique] is the first that I actually read through first before fully appreciating the visuals." Lucy Lastique combines gripping, involving, genuine sci-fi storytelling with lashings of eye candy- nudity and graphic sex scenes to delight the most jaded eye!

You'll LOVE Lucy.

At the center of the story's sexual maelstrom is Lucy and her refreshingly sex-positive worldview. Lucy's a girl who LOVES to frot!

You won't want to put her down.

Month by month, story by story, Lucy's tale unfolds, as her longer term story arc is revealed. While each story stands on its own, the mysterious forces at play around Lucy's life make for a very satisfying bigger picture.

Comedy, drama, adventure and lots of frotting.

Lucy Lastique comprises a wide range of moods- sometimes light, sometimes dark... but always sexy!


Online Reader.

The entire comic story can be read online within your browser in our custom interface, ideal for tablet users- or downloaded for local and offline reading. It's your choice!

Regular Monthly Episodes.

Unlike some other sites that upload one or two pages when they feel like it, there's a regular episode of Lucy Lastique every month- just like an issue of a regular comic book. Each high quality episode comprises at least eight lavishly illustrated pages- but usually more!

NO Holdbacks!

Other sites hold back most of their content until you've been a member a while, or prevent you saving the pages on your own computer, or frequently delete content. Not here at Jaxtraw Studios! Every page and picture is available to you as soon as you join... and yours to keep forever!

The Artist's Notes.

Also inside the Subscribers' Area you'll find my Artist's Notes, a blog style column with notes on the episodes, a bit of opinion, plus sketches, abandoned or deleted pages, pinup pictures and so on- which of course includes a comment section for readers to hurl brickbats in!


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