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Jaxtraw himself can be contacted on
If you have a support issue, please email

Privacy and Cookies

Jaxtraw Studios Ltd is committed to preserving your privacy. Since all subscription processing is handled by a third party, Verotel Merchant Services BV, Jaxtraw Studios Ltd never receives or holds any of your personal financial information. Any other information that we do have such as email addresses will never under any circumstances be shared with any other party.

All subscription processing and billing is handled by Verotel Merchant Services BV. Their privacy statement can be read here.

The only cookie used on the Jaxtraw Studios website is that used by a Wordpress blog in the Members' Area to store your details for commenting, if you choose to participate on the blog. There are no advertising or tracking cookies.

Subscriptions and Billing

How do I retrieve my lost username/password or cancel my subscription?

Subscription processing and billing are handled by Verotel. Please click here to be taken to the Verotel support website.

I can't login to the Subscribers's Area!

Firstly, please double and triple check that you're using the correct username and password! It's easy to make a slip-up, since they may contain a mixture of upper and lower-case letters, which must be in the correct case (i.e. either capital letters or not capital letters). It's best to copy and paste them from the email you received confirming your subscription.

If you still can't get in, then please visit the VEROTEL CUSTOMER SUPPORT PAGE. If that doesn't help or you're still having problems, please email Jaxtraw Studios at the addresses at the top of the page.

I'm a long term subscriber but suddenly I can't login to the Subscribers's Area!

First, check you have the correct username and password combination (errors can occur!). If that's okay, then either there is a technical problem (see above) or it's possible that Verotelhave failed to rebill your credit card. The most likely reason for this is that the card is no longer valid- this will happen if you either cancel that card or your card company have issued you with a replacement card. Verotel currently have no way to update your card details. The good news is that if you email me I can get you set up again WITHOUT you having to sign up again and pay the high first month cost.

How often will I be billed? Will I be automatically rebilled?

1 month, 3 month and 6 month subscriptions will be rebilled every 30 days, 3 months or 6 months respectively.


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